Notre outil technologique comme service de paiement

Our technological tool as a payment service

Since the coming into force of regulations concerning musicians in Quebec, the performing and entertainment sectors have been covered by various collective agreements. However, some sectors, such as events, have no framework to apply regulations allowing Quebec musicians to benefit from social benefits.

In a context of post-pandemic recovery of our sector, it is of great importance to promote tools that will ensure the monitoring and proper use of public funds allocated to musicians. These public funds could thus be better directed, and the social benefits provided for would be paid in a more adequate manner.

We salute the support programs and measures taken by the levels of government since March 2020 in order to give oxygen to our professionals. However, this pandemic offers us a moment of reflection and awareness.

Ambiance Musique offers a payment solution that meets certain objectives of the brief published in February 2021 by the Guilde des Musiciens et Musiciennes du Québec, according to which "any government assistance granted to producers should be conditional on proof of adequate remuneration for the artists hired. ".

Ambiance Musique wishes to put forward possible solutions that are in line with this vision, in particular by offering musicians a payment service that ensures realistic fees depending on the sector, reasonable social benefits and the traceability of these payments.

There are gaps in the regulations governing the employment of musicians by suppliers representing public bodies. But it is a problem that can be solved thanks to the support and collaboration of different authorities. Supporting this solution would help promote the revival of the music sector and provide a long-term solution for the benefit of musicians in Quebec's cultural ecosystem.

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