Terms & conditions


WHEREAS the parties agree to comply with the Act respecting the professional status and conditions of engagement of performing, recording and film artists, RSQ c. S-32.1, or the Status of the Artist Act, SC 1992, c. 33, according to the respective scope of said legislation;

WHEREAS the “Producer” agrees to enter into an agreement governing the hiring, working and monetary conditions of the musicians whose services are or will be retained by the Producer in the production sector referred to in these terms and conditions;

WHEREAS the Producer acknowledges the existence of a collective agreement negotiated between the Guild of Musicians and Musicians of Quebec and Ambiance Musique which governs the hiring, working and monetary conditions of artists in the production sector(s) covered by the different packages and to which the Producer intends to bind under the terms hereof;

WHEREAS for the purposes of these terms and conditions the "Producer" means the Producer named above, its present and future subsidiaries or any other company or affiliated corporation that it manages, administers or controls.


1. The preamble forms an integral part of these terms and conditions.

2. The Producer declares that he is bound by the collective agreement negotiated between the Guild of Musicians and Musicians of Quebec and Ambiance Musique, dated December 2, 2022, in force at the time of the signing of this document and produced in Appendix 1, and in doing so, hereby acknowledges all the attributes and effects of its appendix 1, to be considered as the collective agreement entered into between the Producer and the GMMQ.

3. Appendix 1 applies in its entirety unless a specific provision is provided for in this agreement, in which case this provision takes precedence.

4. The Producer adheres to the rules and conditions prescribed in Appendix 1 as well as those of this agreement and acknowledges being bound by them for each and every one of his productions.

5. The parties have recourse to the chapter on grievances and arbitration included in Appendix 1 to settle any disagreement that may arise between them in the interpretation and application of this agreement.

6. This agreement comes into force on December 2, 2022, or failing that, on the day it is signed by the parties, for a period of three (3) years or until the signing of a new collective agreement between the signatories of Annex 1, whichever comes first.

7. In the one hundred and twenty (120) days preceding the deadline, either party may notify the other party, in writing, of its intention to negotiate a new agreement.

8. This agreement is renewed for one (1) year, unless one of the parties denounces it within one hundred and twenty (120) days preceding its expiry and this, from year to year.

9. This agreement remains in force until the signing of a new agreement between the signatory parties hereto.

10. The parties agree that the laws of Quebec will be those applicable.

11. The parties acknowledge having read this agreement and its appendix 1, having understood its scope and its implications and declare that they are satisfied with it.